Geo June Kickoff Barbecue

Come help us kickoff Geo June with a barbecue. Partake in grilled goods aplenty and talk about all things Geo June.

Advantage Labs
2104 Stevens Ave South
Minneapolis, MN, 55404

If you've been to the Twin Cities Users Group meetings, this is the same location. We'll be out back. Read more »

Importing Google Maps API site from external database to Drupal in a Node

Until I figure out how to use Drupal for getting such projects done I have been playing a LOT with Drupal and also had some problems with login/logout maybe because of changing settings.php and such things but now it's back to normal - I hope.

But I have a problem with Firefox 3 - After the site has been showed I can't log out and the Node with the imported Map isn't showing. In Explorer7 and Chrome everything is functioning. Does any of you have a solution, please? Read more »

Tracking Students with iPhones

Slashdot runs a story named University Gives Away iPhones To Curb Truancy. Their summary: "A Japanese University is giving away iPhones to its students to use the phones' GPS functionality to catch students who skip classes. Read more »

Bing Maps Live

I noticed on CNN News that the official Microsoft Bing website is starting to go live. Read more »

Thank you!

Thank you for contributing to the Geo project!  Your contribution will help ensure the success of the Geo June effort in getting Drupal to a new level as a Geo CMS.

There are other ways you can help as well!   Whether it's getting the word out through blogging, telling other people about the project, helping with documentation, talking about use cases, or developing modules that use the Geo API.

Keep checking back for announcements and more informatino throughout the month!

What’s New In The ArcGIS API For JavaScript 1.4

Two months after version 1.3, ESRI released the ArcGIS API for JavaScript 1.4Read more »

Google Earth KML Network Links Explained

The GEB links to an entry that is an introduction to Google Earth's KML network links.

From the introduction: "If you host KMZ/KML files online, you should consider using Network Links when it makes sense. The advantages are that the user will not have to manually create one and if you update your KML code in the future, the update will automatically propogate to the user. Read more »

GeoServer Chart Extension

The GeoServer blog shares an entry on the GeoServer chart extension.

From the entry: "This is where the overlay of charts and maps come into play: the idea is to overlay bar chars, or pie charts, over a polygon or point map, associating each geographic feature with its own little diagram. Read more »

Geo June Kickoff Barbecue

Come help us kickoff Geo June with a barbecue.  Partake in grilled goods aplenty and talk about all things Geo June